About Us

Improving Wellness Through Innovation

Since 1973, Lifeline has continuously developed revolutionary training tools that define the benchmark in professional grade products used for bodyweight, progressive variable resistance, functional training, recovery, athletic training and yoga.

Lifeline’s mission is to create life-improving wellness opportunities for everyone. As an industry trendsetter in handheld fitness products coupled with best-in-class programming, Lifeline brands offer consumers the essential elements of wellness. Our portfolio of brands includes Lifeline, Rejuvenation, PER4M, Natural Fitness, KettleWorX and HIGHX.

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- Adam Schumacher, CEO

The Innovation Advantage

For us, innovation isn’t a buzzword—it’s a process central to everything we do. That relentless focus on bringing the best in design and functionality to our customers has resulted in consistently successful new product introductions, a product portfolio protected by more than 20 patents, and packaging and merchandising solutions distinguished by the well-informed buying experience they provide for consumers.

lifeline’s history


The Beginning

Bobby “Sugar” Hinds founds LifelineUSA on one simple product—his famous beaded jump rope.


The Jump Rope King

Known as the “Jump Rope King,” Bobby travels across the United States promoting the benefits of his perfectly balanced, smooth-action-high-speed rope. He sets records, creates spectacles and when he isn’t on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, he is jumping alligators in Louisiana.


On the Box

The ambitious founder takes his jump rope from a backyard factory to the top spot among fitness products from Sears and JCPenney. His jump rope even makes it onto the back of 12 million boxes of Wheaties cereal…twice!


Gearing For Growth

Lightning continues to strike as Hinds takes his newest invention, the Lifeline Portable Gym, into full production, thereby setting the stage for Lifeline’s growth.


First Debut

Lifeline airs its first infomercials for the Portable Gym, featuring NFL star Johnny Unitas and famed ice hockey player and coach Herb Brooks.


A Premier Partner

Lifeline and fitness company Product Partners begin working together.


A Star is Born

Lifeline launches its celebrated resistance training product, the Power Walk.

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